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Welcome to the first day of your journey towards enlightenment, self-improvement, rejuvenation, and awareness.

When You Look Up is a series of poetry books about my HERO’S JOURNEY from finding myself alone into discovering my passion: writing. I have discovered contentment through reading and writing, and walking in nature, along with simply noticing.

My books are available on Amazon. You are also welcome to sign up for free inspirational emails and download a free journal. Paid WALKSHOPS take place in natural settings to assist you in finding your own path while discovering better health. My clients benefit from my gentle guidance into feeling good, focusing on the positive, and finding joy. An opportunity to step into nature’s balance awaits you. I am an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and infuse that knowledge into my WALKSHOPS and post-walk journalling sessions, focusing on your needs.

WALKSHOPS are my own idea. They get you out of conference rooms and buildings and into the outdoors where you can move your body, breathe, and see nature unfolding. You write about your experience after the walk. This activity opens my clients to new ways of thinking and being in the world. Currently, I offer local WALKSHOPS in Southwest Florida and plan on eventual adventures to expand the opportunity to see spectacular nature shows, like the whooping crane migration or the annual firefly display.

My poetry is inspirational!!! In the works: inspirational occasion cards based on my poetry. Audio books will be available for those who prefer to listen to poetry. Inspirational magnets and card decks are being planned, using favorite quotes from my poetry as frequent reminders to look up. I can see journals, coffee mugs, jewelry, T-shirts, calendars, etc. being offered with my WYLU logo.

I care deeply about nature, especially trees, and believe they teach us about ourselves, our roots, and our future. We can affect the world through how we think and act, and create a better world together. I want to reach others with this message of joy for the present. Right now, we all have a choice in how we feel. I choose to feel good, and invite you to join me.